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"You were right about the trainer bat. He was in a slump going 3-12 in the previous 5 games and in the past 7 he's 13-21 with two doubles. Bat speed has improved a lot."

apex bats, adult weighted trainer

Apex Bats Adult Weighted Trainer mentioned above


Refer to the Bat Buying Guide for more information on how to choose the perfect bat for you.

I'm not sure there are many sounds as recognizable as that of a baseball on a wood bat. Both of my boys play baseball, but unfortunately wood bats are rarely used in games anymore. The advantage of metal bats is difficult to overcome...unless your dad makes you a custom wood bat! That was my inspiration, but once I started down that path the engineer in me took over. There is a lot more to making good wood bats than meet the eye and even young players can successfully use wood bats.

The process for all of my wood bats starts with the bat blank. I measure and weigh every bat blank. The density of the wood is then used in my own custom program to ensure the final product meets the requirements of Apex Bats.

Whether you are looking for traditional wood bats, weighted training bats, one-handed bats or something else, just let me know and Apex Bats can help.

Apex bats are made from Maple or Ash, specialty woods such as Birch or Beech available upon request.


  • Adult Game Bats

  • Youth Game Bats

  • Weighted training bats (adult and youth)

  • Fungo bats

  • Training bats


  • Glove mallets

  • Glove Butter, my own formula for the best glove conditioner there is

  • Coasters

  • Key-chains

  • Bottle openers

Apex Bats, wood baseball bat

Apex Bats, 2.6" barrel, end loaded model with gunstock finish and yellow transition stripe

Apex Bats, wood baseball bat

Maple bat with Smoke Gray stain and black transition stripe.

Apex Bats
Apex Bats D&L Glove Butter

Apex Bats own formula for glove conditioner, "D&L Glove Butter"

Apex Bats, glove mallet

Glove mallets are made from either Maple or Ash and are approximately 12" long