Game Bats

The classic wood baseball bat. Available in Maple, Ash or Birch (send email). Highly customizable to what you want in YOUR bat. If you have questions on what the various aspects are refer to the bat buying guide. When building your bat you get to choose from the following:

Apex Bats
Apex Bats

Fungo Bats

Long, slim and light, these fungo bats are made from the same high quality maple as game bats with the weight and control needed for long practices. 

Apex Bats fungo

Apex Bats fungo bat, 35" pictured

Weighted Trainer

An excellent tool used to increase swing strength and improve bat speed when used as part of a regular training program. Made from Maple that may include blemishes but will not impact performance or durability. When purchasing select the same length as your current bat, don't be tempted to "bat-up".

apex bats, adult weighted trainer

Apex Bats: Adult weighted training bat, 32" pictured

Slim Stick

Ready to have some fun? This slim stick training bat is ready. Perfect for hand-eye coordination, playing wiffle ball or even light fungo. Youth teams LOVE training with this slim bat and small wiffle balls, all while working on their hand-eye coordination.

Apex Bats, wiffle ball set

Slim stick with wiffle ball set

One-Hand Trainers

One hand trainers are valuable for players and coaches alike. These trainers are made from Maple and are available in 22 and 24 inch models. 

apex bats, one hand trainers

Apex Bats, one-hand training bats

Short Bat

A short training bat, typically a drop zero or heavier. 

Apex Bats, Short bat trainer

2-hand short bat